Month: January 2013

John Dory The Fish

There’s a fish I can’t take my mind off of for some reason right now.

I caught this fish a couple months ago. I happened to be having a good day that day and I had a handful of catches. And there was this one ugly fish that I’ve never met before and had little idea of what it was, so I gave it to a fellow angler who was not having such a good day. Then I came home, did some research on the fish, and regreted that I gave it away.

This fish captured my imagination ever since.

His name is John Dory.

He goes by another name, St. Pierre.

Opening fishing in 2013

A happy new year!!!

Wishing everyone and myself a year of rich and delicious catch.

So this is my first day out on the water in 2013. And it’s raining again. This is the story of this season.
But I was determined to make a pay-back today. My last 2 fishing wasn’t very productive. And I did so much reflective thinking over my errors. I was determined. I was fully charged up.