Here is Bill, the rod builder in USA.

Hi Totos.

I learned nearly everything I know about slow pitch jigging from your website Angler’s Secrets. Slow pitch jigging was brand new to me just a year ago…now it is my favorite way to fish and the core of my custom rod building business.

I had one of the most successful trips I’ve ever had last weekend and I just wanted to share a few photos and say thank you. Your generosity in sharing information has made me a better angler. This technique is extremely effective. Thanks for sharing!

By the way…I thought the PE2 fused line was WAY too light but decided to try it anyway. It was by far the most productive jigging set up. The reduced water resistance to the thin line lets the jig fall much more naturally and also helps you keep vertical in your presentation. I am a believer. Although I did get broken off by a few big grouper…