I can’t really explain it well, but I was moved very much to receive this letter from a 15-year-old angler in Australia. These things really make me happy that I opened this site and keep going.

Here’s Luke.

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I used to do allot of high speed jigging but would get disappointed with the lack of by catch. Sure it was fun ripping a foot of metal up to the boat and getting slammed by a big king but there was just nothing else that would take it. I saw some micro jigs and thought these would get some more bycatch but were not heavy enough for my usual fishing spots so did some research and found the sport of slow pitch jigging game.

I’ve used a cheap slow pitch jigging outfit and already caught numerous different species that I couldn’t when high speed jigging. I usually do light tackle spin fishing in the estuary for bream, whiting, flathead and jewfish but whenever the weather is suitable for ocean fishing I can’t help asking dad if we can go for a fish. I will soon have a decent slow pitch rod to complement my new ocea jigger 2000hg so I can really target some of the deeper water species that have eluded me with my cheaper setup.

As I am only 15 I don’t get much time away from school and work and sport but whenever I can I race to the water and try practice my slow pitch jigging as it is the most effective and complex form of lure fishing I have done and can use the knowledge I already have to help develop my skill in jigging along with watching clips and getting advice from the experts in Japan.