Our readers have picked it up. Some of these few information have travelled overseas. In Japan it’s a little popular in some places. It’s always nice to have a couple of these rigs when you go popping and jigging for tuna. I don’t know if this is known to the world, or maybe not at all.


It’s called Ebing

It is a little plastic lure game to catch big tunas.

It has been invented by local fisherman here in Okinawa. And Mr. Seikai Murakoshi, Daiwa instructor, has refined the method. The fisherman told him that he tried for the fun of it first but it turned out that it was devastating for the commercial fishing.
Japanese fishermen don’t use nets for tunas. Always with the hooks. Damaged skin never sells in Japan fish market. There are some other fishing methods they use, but they found that this little shrimp looking plastic can do better than anything else.
Mr. Murakoshi did some tests and improved the system. He named it “Ebing”. Ebi means “shrimp” in Japanese. “Ebing” is his coined word, meaning “shrimping”. It has become his favorite game.


Mr. Murakoshi’s tackle


So, there’s a straight wire rig with a jig on. The jig pulls down this rig to falls in a horizontal position when you drop it, keeping the hook away from tangling with the line.

The jig doesn’t have hooks. It’s a weight. It also attracts fish from a distance.

But when the fish approaches, what’s attracting is the little plastic that’s tailing the jig. Fish bites on the plastic. The plastic can be single or double, but just hooking at the tip for the best swimming form.

The jerking is just like any high speed to medium speed jigging. Jerk, reel, jerk, reel, pause… jerk, reel. something like that. Can be by the spinning or by the overhead.

It’s extremely effective with tunas. Yellowtails and amberjacks too.


The straight wire rig is 30cm long or 40cm long, selling at about JPY600 here. But you could make your own.

You might as well try?

Hope the information helps you! Good luck!