I went out on Dec 30th for the last fishing of the year. I was flying to the mainland to visit my wife’s folks for the holidays. I was determined to bring some fresh catch for the feast.
I was hoping to catch a Coral Trout or Red Coral Cod. Not just for its deliciousness in any styles of cooking, any red fish is considered to be a good luck charm in the seasonal feast in my country.

The pressure was high.

And the condition was not so friendly.

Fishing started out early in the morning with this first catch of the day.


Hmmm… Not a good sign.

The morning golden hours passed with nothing much. A lot of what we call “short bites”. A lot of small teasing contacts but no serious bites.

And that was the way it went all day.

I managed to catch this Almaco Jack.


I closed this fish ike-jime nicely. Took gills and guts out. I left the scales on because scales keep the flesh fresh.
Then I packed the fish in a styrofoam box with icepacks and flew off the next day.

I was lucky. This fish happens to be such delicious sashimi! So juicy. Ike-jime closing certainly showed its effects. Fresh meat with a lot of “Umami” components.

So I was able to keep my face. Another family approval for my expensive hobby.

Hope you had wonderful holidays as well folks!!!
May your new year be filled with happiness and lots of fun games!