Here’s Dan from Australia.

Dan’s tackle
[highlight1 variation=”orange”]Rod[/highlight1] Evergreen Poseidon Slow Jerker 603-6
[highlight1 variation=”orange”]Reel[/highlight1] Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NR-HG
[highlight1 variation=”orange”]Line[/highlight1] SWAGE PE2
[highlight1 variation=”orange”]Leader[/highlight1] Black Magic 50lb
[highlight1 variation=”orange”]Jigs[/highlight1] Shimano Butterfly 224g

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Hi Totos.

Here’s a short Byron Bay Australia report from magic conditions. Three days ago I heard rumours of good kingfish in 100m so I put on a ‘disposable’ Shimano butterfly jig which I bought very cheap and was willing to sacrifice to the reef. This jig is more like an intermediate jig that seems to work at slow and mid speed. Funnily enough, the Shimano was the only jig that worked for me today. This jig really enjoyed extra punchy, short actions with 3/4 second intervals. I tried 240 Gawky on two drifts with no luck and also Rector and Deepliner Spy5 for a quick drift – Sorry…

Today I had 2 x video cameras in action but only managed to get the first video clip which I will ask Daz to edit early in the new year. It was a great time because we landed eight kings from 8-13kg and were smashed and lost gear to maybe five super brutes. Many drifts were a winner and at one point the decky had a two handed double hookup. I quickly came to the rescue and moments later John found the brick wall when my long soft plastic snapper rod bent over – the result: 7kg snapper for my decky and big king for me on jig.

My decky kept 2 x 10kg kings for the table and I will eat the snapper. Everything else we released.

Here are a couple of pics I grabbed from the video footage:





Well, it happens Dan. When I was fishing for Tuna one day, there were also Wahoo around, so I put on my expendable jig that I picked up at a dollar shop. No Wahoo, only frenzy yellowfin tunas kept attacking my jig while other anglers were getting anything or the line cut. Funny. You just never know.

I can tell you are very focused on your tactics. Playing every different tactics but still maintaining to be effective. It’s very good to see that. I’m sure you had a great fun out there. Keep it up my fiend.