Binomial: Lethrinus olivaceus
English: Longface Emperor
Japanese: Kitsune Fuefuki


sashimi, grill, poele, soup, deep-fry, cold-smoke

It’s one of emperor bream family. You can enjoy fabulous cooking with this fish in a lot of different ways.
The meat is elastic. The meat is very meaty. Meat like chicken. But with a lot of gel protein of collagen and nice unsaturated fats. This fish really tastes different depending on which part of the meat and how it’s cooked.
m-2014-12-30 19.37.36Sashimi is beautiful. It’s just like red snapper. Fine taste. But with a hint of protein gel. I bet it’s so good for your skin. And because it elasticity, I found that it tastes much better 4 or 5 days after the catch, like groupers. Let it age in your fridge.
m-2014-12-28 19.33.01Japaese style “Nitsuke” with the head and the belly. The sauce is basically Water (4-8), Sake (2), Soy Sauce (1), Mirin (1) and a little bit of sugar. Prepare this sauce for the amount that covers half the height of fish chops in the pan. Bring it to boil. Put on a drop-lid. Keep it boiling on low heat for about 15 minutes. Done. It’s like steaming half in the soup.
The cheek tasted like juicy white meat. Around the pectoral fins tasted like yellowtail. The neck tasted like snapper. Just delicious.
m-2014-12-30 11.07.16But the one I found the most delicious is cold-smoke. Because of the very elastic protein structure and the very rich protein gel, the taste becomes really enhanced by aging. I did exactly the same cold-smoke with coral trout at the same time. Longface emperor was much much better after a week.
m-2014-12-30 12.32.50