Braided PE line has elevated fishing to completely another dimension.

Because PE line is so week to friction, you can’t tie PE line to a metal part with enough strength. And a knot to tie PE line to the leader plays an important role. No matter how thin PE line you use, the fish can’t break the line with the straight tension so easily unless the line has been damaged already or it touches a rough surface.

The most vulnerable part of your system is the knots.

No matter how well it’s knotted, the line loses the original strength for certain percentages at knots. You just need to be extra careful and precise in knotting your system. Especially the knot between PE line and the leader.

How much line strength can a knot maintain?


According to the study by FUZZY, who works with Mr Seikai Murakoshi of Daiwa.

Knot between PE and Leader

PR Knot

PR Knot is the most reliable. It requires the bobbin knotter. If you whip 60 times, it’s proven to be 100%.

Here is how I make my PR Knot. It’s really not difficult once you get used to the bobbin tool. I think knowing the proper drag tension is the key. You will find it after a couple of practice.

The best thing about this knot is it’s always 100%. FG knots can reduce the strength if you don’t tie it properly. But PR knot is very solid no matter who makes the knot. The only think you have to be careful with is, when you do a series of half hitch, there can be friction between the lines. You don’t want to make it too tight. Just a little tightening at the end only, and no friction when you slide the knot to the end, as this can be what damages the line.

FG Knot


If you don’t have a bobbin tool, FG Knot is your second alternative.

FG knot holds 100% if it is done properly. And you don’t need any tool to make it.

Common mistakes are:

  • Just like PR knot, knotting with too much tension that creates friction between lines and damage the line.
  • Knotting without consistency makes the knot loose and weak.

Knot between Leader and Ring

TN Knot

Sato Sensei recommends this TN Knot for tying ring with leader.
There should be a lot of kinds of knots to ring, but this one is simple to make and one of the toughest ones as it goes around the ring twice.

It’s important that the line doesn’t cross at Step 4.

After Step 9, a series of half hitches from both sides in turn. Try to make it straight. The first couples of half hitches should be really tight and then on gradually loser.


Hope the information helps you! Good luck!