Here is a report from Phil in Perth, Australia on his first field try with Slow Jerker.


Tackle Info
[highlight1 variation=”orange”]Rod[/highlight1] Evergreen Slow Jerker 603-3
[highlight1 variation=”orange”]Reel[/highlight1] Evergreen Oceanus
[highlight1 variation=”orange”]Line[/highlight1] Ocea EX8 PE2.0
[highlight1 variation=”orange”]Leader[/highlight1] Yo-Zuri 40lb fluorocarbon
[highlight1 variation=”orange”]Location[/highlight1] 40m off Perth, Australia


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Hi Totos,

A couple of fish caught on the 603-3. Thanks to you and Japanese Anglers Secret. Your web site has taught me how to slow jig.

The jig is a Current Rex 150g because of the colours of the jig we call it The Elton John.

I own 3 other slow jig rods that I’m now selling because nothing compares to the Poseidon Slow Jerker. I pick up the other rods and they feel like broom sticks!

Thank you!

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Serious catch, Phil! I’m happy that you found Slow Jerker worth your investment. I agree with you. You would learn much more with the first class equipment too.