Here is Pang from Singapore on his recent fishing trip Burma Banks, Myanmar. Looks like a lot of fun!

I went to Burma Banks with our newly form fishing team “zero fighters” from Singapore it was a 5 days 4 nights trip on board polaris one. The trip was mainly jigging with some trolling for marlin between the jigging spots.

I brought 2 slow pitch setups

medium setup / Temple Reef Levitate 68-2 rod rating 150-400g paired with Ocea jigger 3000HG loaded with tuffline 30lb/600 yards

heavy setup / Medusa Custome Works/ Real Fusion 633LR rated at pe 2-4 paired with Accurate 500n AOF special edition 7:1 loaded with Sulfix 832 pe3/600 yards. McWorks is not true blue slowpitch rod, they called it low-respond. I find it to have a beautiful slow bend through out the rod length when pitch. It also have tremendous backbone to lift the fish from the deep.

Here are some of the catches!


BlueBlue Searide V 180g is a great jig, give it some slack lie/long fall and it will glide through the water, very similar to Beat Zigray.


one of the three!


Thanks Totos for sourcing 500g Gawky for me!


Hooked up to 20+KG GT, took 150m of line out horizontally on the first run. Keep the rod at 90 degree to the line, set drag at 7kg, this MCworks can take it! Unconventional for sure but i tried to feel the limit of this setup and play with it.


400g Shout Cradle


Yellowfin tuna and rainbow runner sashimi!