Thank you very much for your 2nd report Ben!!!

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Hi Totos,

I’ve been having a ball with these SFC jigs! To remind you, I have the 603-6.
Rector has consistently been my favourite in the 70-100 m zone, with some more snapper and pearlies. Even mahi mahi have found it irresistible, with a small mahi double hook-up on one jig causing chaos! Heaps of fun.

But more excitingly I’ve recently being going deeper, out to almost 300m. Cranky 230 kept me busy with nannygai and a nice 6kg kingfish, but yet to fully master the demersals which have only fallen to baits. Seems at that depth, the slower drop means the nanny’s and kingfish get to it before the cod. Thanks for the advice about the heavier Gawky, I’ll report back soon! And sorry about the bloody kingfish shot… those assist hooks you sent are just so sticky I don’t trust them anywhere near me with a lively fish attached!


The kingfish was cranky 230 glow, on 603-6, with a diawa saltist 30, 30lb aussie platypus jigging braid, and 40lb leader. in 250 m depth. I’ve gotta get me a narrow spool reel. Too much line management with the saltist.




If you are going deeper than 130m, you gotta depend on Gawky. You can’t perform small actions in that deep water. But fish down there are not so selective with baits. Gawky’s automatic falling actions will bring you contacts! That is why Gawky has the lineup up to 900g. Try out 300g, 350g, or 400g and you’ll see!!!