Here is Captain David in Bahamas.
He is really pioneering the Caribbean fields with slow pitch jigging.

He was right about choose overrated High Pitch Jerker to nail this one.
Gawky should be hard at 200m deep from a free-drifting boat since Gawky is rather slow to fall. If the condition is really good, 500g may make it.
I’m sure he would appreciate it when Arrow, Arc and Abyss will become available in heavier weights.


Hi Totos,

I had 2 hours after the owners left the boat before we headed back to Florida so decided to go for a quick Jig to get some Yellow Eye Snapper for the trip home. We generally get them in 300 to 600 feet of water ( San Salvador Bahamas)
We were doing well with some nice snapper in the bag and I just got bitten off by a big pelagic ( Wahoo or Barracuda!!)

I tied on a a new 380 gram Gawky and sent it back down but we were about 700 feet and we were not getting any touches so I started bringing it back in. About half way up I got hit by a monster ( Well Monster for a Jigging rod ( The guys in Panama call them Barbie rods but are jealous when I show them my catch!!)

30 Minutes in a saw color and the final battle was on. Troy missed 2 shots at him as I could not quite get his head up enough. Now Sharky shows up and has a go at the Tuna but he was having nothing to do with that so pealed off another 300 feet of line and the battle started over!!!! 30 minutes later I just had enough steam to get his head up close enough for Troy to sink the Gaff and now we are eating Tuna and Snapper all the way back to Florida.

Gear High Pitch Jerker 501
Reel Torsa
Pe 3.0 Braid

I grabbed the heavier Rod today and it paid off!!