Here’s Elias from Greece. Congratulations on your first catch with slow pitch jigging!

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Dear Totos,

Hi !!
Here is my first “great” success with slow pitch jigging !!!!!
I used a XZoga rod 6513 with the Shimano Calcutta reel and a Slow Blatt S jig 150gr with self-made hooks according to your instructions
Unfortunately, the reel reeled-in only 50cm with every pitch so I had to turn it one and half times for the 75cm and that made me loose my rhythm all the time. Also the PE for the hooks was very soft and they were not moving nicely. Nevertheless that was not bad for the first time.



Thank you for your report, Elias! That is so great to see.

I know you are getting the Slow Jerker and some top-notch Seafloor Control jigs pretty soon. But you’ve gone ahead to try out what you learned about slow pitch jigging. I think it’s so great that you’ve had this experience.
Even though you don’t have the appropriate tackle yet, you have really studied the game, know what you are trying to do, tried it out in the real field and noticed in such details what each tackles are supposed to be and how you want to use them.
That’s such brilliant learning.

This precious catch is your start. Stand by for more to come!!!