Here is Se Khong in Indonesia. He contacted me about the spanker sail a couple of months ago, and now he has built his own spanker on his 8-meter boat! What a great effort and challenge!!! Gotta respect that spirit.

I have success to make spanker sail on my own, like totosan advised to me. It works great, and I can stay vertical always even in the most windy. Thanks a lot mr totosan. You are my teacher of slow pitch jigging. And this is my catch.


I used pslj 603-4, spunky jig 250gr, PE2 berkley super fireline coloured, leader seaguar fxr 12, reel shimano oj 2001nrhg. I was fishing in 80 meter deep, with drifting with my spanker sail, current condition slow. I had the contact at 10 meter from the bottom.

Here’s the information I gave him. From Yamaha boat spanker sail.
Yamaha Spanker Sail


Good to be of your help Se Khong.
Hope your effort will be paid off more and more in the future.