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Slow Pitch Jigging in Australia

We had a report from Australia.
Daz is one of our first customers and bought Slow Jerker 603-3 and 603-6, Ocea Jigger 2000NR-HG, Seafloor Control jigs and Deepliner jigs with us. He went out to try out some Deepliner jigs. Looks like he’s got the serious slow pitch game going in Australia. Such diversity of catches is one characteristic of this game. Way to go Daz!

High Pitch Day

I was finally able to go out! I missed my last 2 trips due to the weather. The weather changes every 3 days in this time of the year.

The ocean is having the major seasonal change now. Shifting from winter tide to summer tide. Summer tide has the bigger tide difference in the day. Winter tide has it in the night. Now it’s almost the same in day and night. In a couple of weeks it will be the summer tide, which makes it hard to do vertical jigging due to the strong current. Now is between the seasons and the time when big amberjacks come close to the shore.

John Dory The Fish

There’s a fish I can’t take my mind off of for some reason right now.

I caught this fish a couple months ago. I happened to be having a good day that day and I had a handful of catches. And there was this one ugly fish that I’ve never met before and had little idea of what it was, so I gave it to a fellow angler who was not having such a good day. Then I came home, did some research on the fish, and regreted that I gave it away.

This fish captured my imagination ever since.

His name is John Dory.

He goes by another name, St. Pierre.

Opening fishing in 2013

A happy new year!!!

Wishing everyone and myself a year of rich and delicious catch.

So this is my first day out on the water in 2013. And it’s raining again. This is the story of this season.
But I was determined to make a pay-back today. My last 2 fishing wasn’t very productive. And I did so much reflective thinking over my errors. I was determined. I was fully charged up.

C’est La Vie

It was rainy today. As the cold front coming down from the north, it would be even worse in the afternoon. The tide chart also indicates that the morning would be the only chance. It is a neap tide. A long big tide-up in the morning and a small tide-down in the afternoon. The nature wasn’t looking too friendly today.

Whatever it is, once the boat is out, all we can do is to give everything we got. So here we go!!!

Very neap tide… A tough day

The weather didn’t look good with the weather front coming down, but it held up long enough for us to go out for a full day excursion.
But it was a tough day. The tide wasn’t moving for a whole day. Today It is called Naga Shio in Japanese, meaning “long tide”. It happens in 10 days and 25 days of Moon Age. The difference between high tide and low tide is minimum, and the tide moves slow for a long time.
Long Tide – A tough day for fishermen.