We had a report from Australia.
Daz is one of our first customers and bought Slow Jerker 603-3 and 603-6, Ocea Jigger 2000NR-HG, Seafloor Control jigs and Deepliner jigs with us. He went out to try out some Deepliner jigs. Looks like he’s got the serious slow pitch game going in Australia. Such diversity of catches is one characteristic of this game. Way to go Daz!

Daz from Australia

Hey mate.
Had a good trip today catching a good variety- soooo much fun!!!!








Went straight to a place in 75 metres to target pearl perch but found a some current running North to South and a wind coming form the South we had to run the motor in reverse to be able to stay vertical over the jig.

Started with a 200 gm FB Deep liner and had instant results on the 1st drop with a nice Perch.
Next drop I had a hit from something bigger and after a short battle, caught sight of something golden, and yes, my favourite fish at the moment a delicious maori cod around 3 kg. These cod are amazing eating and my wife has some great recipes using it.

Next was some more pearl perch. The fish were hungry and hitting the jig on every drop for a while until the wind and swell picked up and it was time for a change of position and jig style.

We went to deeper water, around 90 metres and marked some fish on the sounder so decided to try with a 210 gm Deep liner Vib with some success using a slow pitch and some long drops.
The small snapper were hungry and I landed 2 in 2 drops.
After that we had a variety of species that we don’t keep but were very happy with a nice box of fish.
Really enjoying the slow pitch style, it’s just heaps of fun.
Cheers Daz.