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Hi Totos,

I went on a jigging trip with some friends and we had a chance to try the Evergreen and Beat rods with the Oceanus and SOM reels…

First, from my self and all my fishing friends, we would like to thank you for your service, guidance, advice and support.

Second, the system and equipment from Japan is so much more advanced and is the best we ever used and most rewarding results.

Here is a sample of my catch using your recommended system and equipment.


Can you please explain to me the different type of salt water rods and their technique as we would like to see if we can apply locally here in our waters.

After further careful reading of your site, I now have an idea of the use of the different rods. For now I will stick to the slow pitch rods.

Thanks again for all your service and support from all of us in Kuwait.

Thank you for your compliments, Kamal. Congrats for your slow pitch debut!

Yes, you have just proven that you can make it work.
There’s always rooms to improve. But at this early stage of learning the new game, every experience counts. Be open-minded and creative. Keep playing with your tackle in different situations.
Just try not to reel while you bring down the rod. This is the most common mistake as everyone is so used to pumping the rod. Swimming and falling is the big part of slow pitch tactics. By reeling while bringing down the rod, you are canceling the juicy movements that is built in the jigs. Don’t kill the hangtime.

I know it’s hard for not having anyone to learn from. But my site should provide enough information to keep your game improving for a while. Good luck!