Consult with Totos

Interested in importing Japanese tackles? Consult with Totos and he will help you purchase whatever is available in Japan and get it shipped directly to you.

If you don’t know what to get, tell me about your fishing conditions and I’ll make suggestions.

I’m not a retailer. I’ll be your agent to make purchases in Japan for you and ship to you. 10% fee of all the cost will be added to your online payment as the shipping service fee. You will get a quote to see for yourself.

If you are just looking for advice, that’s also fine. You can follow this form to send me questions.

Fishing Conditions

Tell me about your fishing conditions if you want my suggestions.

  • Depth Range = Tell me your general depth range of your field. Also, it will help me if you tell me a 30-meter range that you want to focus on with SPJ.
  • Main Targets = Do you want to focus on pelagic fish, demersal fish, or both? Your results will not be limited by this choice, but you may be more efficient if you have a focus, which may change my suggestions.

  • Boat Drift = It makes a big difference how vertical you can stay with the jig. Is your boat Free-drifting, drifting with sea-anchor, or controlled drift by a caption? This will affect my suggestions greatly.

Purchase Request

Tell me what you need and I will send you a quote.


Post office (the cheapest method) allows a package less than 150cm long. SPJ rods are usually about 2-meter long 1-piece, and I will have to ship by FedEx, which can be expensive as USD200+. One package can contain 3 rods without changing the shipping fee. You may want to get your friends involved to share the shipping to reduce the cost.

Jig Color

Please be generous with jig colors. SPJ jig comes in many kinds, weights, and colors. Shops do not have such a big inventory. Keep in mind that the color choice is very limited. You can tell me your preferences such as “silvery”, “blueish” or “pinkish”, or you can say “I don’t like orangish colors.” And I will try to follow your preferences as much as I can with whatever is available in the market. Please do not expect me to send you the pictures of available colors and back and forth. This will take too much time and the stock can be gone by the time we decide. If you don’t say any color preferences, I will always try to get as much variety as possible with glow colors, which I always do with mine.

Jig Selection

When you are just learning SPJ, I always recommend using only 2 or 3 kinds of suitable jigs for your fishing conditions. Many people want to have many kinds of jigs, but instead, I recommend having many jig weights of a few kinds. Different jig weights offer you different actions, tactics, and adoptabilities to the ever-changing ocean conditions. If you use only a few kinds, you will get familiar with them and know what they feel like in action. With that consistency, you will feel it when the ocean is different. This sensitivity is the heart of SPJ. Don’t think jigs will bring you fish. Your goal is to use them purposefully in any given condition.