We have a report from Australia. Looks like another Samurai slow pitch jigger is born in Byron Bay Australia. Ben has got a Evergreen Poseidon Slow Jerker 603-3 and some slow pitch jigs from Seafloor Control. He has swept the seafloor with Rector.
Congratulations on your debut, Ben! Great catch!

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Hi Totos,

Well, what a fantastic way to introduce myself to the slow jerker!

Fishing 70-80 m, using the 603#6, 180 gram Rector, it was non stop hookups! A personal best snapper of 90 cm 8kg, plenty of pan sized snapper, blue morwong, pigfish, bonito, arrow squid, flathead, sargeant baker and pearl perch.

So fun and so tactile. I’m glad I watched those videos because all the different methods seems to work. A couple of times I would resting the jig near the bottom while I set a bait down with a different rod. Then within a few seconds of returning to the jig, give it some action then I’d be hooked up!

Here are some photos. Thanks again!!








Notice the half of his catch in these photos had the bite on the rear hook. Fish comes to bite the rear when the jig is falling. Fish don’t care what’s painted on the jig. The front of the motion is the HEAD to them, and biting on the head is their standard procedure in the hunting. What a variety of fish he caught which used to be hard to catch with hi-speed jigging.

A very typical proof of slow pitch jigging. I think we have another addict to this game…