Binomial: Cephalopholis sonnerati
English: Tomato Rockcod, Red Coral Cod, Red Rock Cod
Japanese: Aza-Hata


sashimi, soup, poêlé, steam

It always seems that red fish tastes great but this particular one is a true delicacy. Hardly seen on the market, but every Okinawan anglers who know this fish just adore its tasty fatty and silky meat.
Better wrap the fillet in a paper towel and let it sit in the fridge for 3 to 5 days for aging, and then Sashimi!!! would be my choice. The meat is too elastic when fresh for sashimi. Then aging softens the meat and brings out the flavor. Don’t forget to change the paper towel every day.
The soup is excellent like all other bottom fish. But this fish is extraordinary. When you cool down this soup, it becomes such a firm jelly that you can turn it upside down and the soup wouldn’t drop from the container. It means the soup is full of collagen along with other proteins and fats, a wonderful source of your healthy skin.