I went out on Sunday.

But OMG, it was rough!

Swells were nasty.
The 2-layer currents were so unfriendly.
It was like fishing on a roller coaster.
I couldn’t feel my jig on the line.
I was just barely picked up some fish in a few hours of the day when the currents loosened down a little bit. I couldn’t dare to take pictures.

This is the only one picture.

m-2015-01-18 14.42.39

It was a golden grouper, Saloptia powelli, from 140m deep.

Rod. High Pitch Jerker 600
Reel. SOM L120Hi
Line. Berkley Super Fire Line Colored #2.0
Leader. Seaguar FXR #12
Jig. Seafloor Control Messiah 260g

Notice it was hooked on the rear hook of this long jig. The fish hit it on the fall.
I was not doing high pitch. Not like the punchy powerful jerk and reel, it was like a soft big swing to toss it up and fall.
I touched the bottom, 1-2 fast, 1 big swing and fall, 2 big swing and fall, 3 … it was hooked.

That day I tried Rector, Spunky, and Cranky, and I didn’t feel the jig. The volume of the water on the line is so heavy. The ups and downs of the rocking bothered my rhythm. Gawky didn’t feel that bad. But I decided to try out my new toy, Arc 260g.

m-2015-01-20 20.34.10

I wanted to try it out in a calmer day and see how it feels to dance with this jig. But it seemed like the fall tactics are the only way to go. So I gave it a go.

I got all other 3 fish with this jig. All on the falls.
And I’m happy that I tried this jig in such a rough situation. Now I see why the deepsea jigging anglers wanted this jig so badly.

It falls not so fast like Messiah and Spunky, not so slow like Rector and Gawky. Just in a comfortable speed to make rhythm of your rod actions in a heavy water influence situation. But it’s fast to fall in a straight drop down. You will love that in the strong currents, because otherwise the water would take it away from you somewhere. But if you just lift (it lifts very lightly) and pitch it at the top, the jig will lie down on its side and starts its actions on the fall.

Here’s the semi-long jig that works in the falls.

But, I don’t really remember what I did in details. I was just focused and so tired on keeping myself upright on the rocking boat.

I will look more into it.