Here is Eylem in Cyprus.

Great catch!


Me and my boat buddy Irfan was searching a long time. I have 4.65-meter boat with four-stroke 50 mercury. Fish finder is raymarine dragonfly 7. My setup is slow jerker 603-4, ocea jigger 2000nrhg, pe 1.5 ex8 and seaguar fxr 10. Hooks are decoy no. 2.

It was 80m. It was hit at action and then I hooked up immediate 2 times. Then firstly I tried to let the reel do its job just use reel and I didn’t use rod. But after 20 seconds I understood that my drag was not enough and then I increased the drag a little. After 2 minutes I used sometimes rod for pumping. I know we must not use pumping but our boats is 70cm from water and so we use pumping when rod not enough. But important thing is to stay calm and no panics and stabile. Finally we took it on board. When I took my jig I saw that hooks were starting to open…

Totos, thanks for all.