Blue-lined large-eye bream

Binomial: Gymnocranius grandoculis
English: Blue-lined Large-eye Bream
Japanese: Sazanami Dai


sashimi, grill, poele, soute, soup, deep-fry

It is one of the 3 brothers in Large-eye Bream family, which local people in Okinawa call “Shiru-Iyu”, meaning “white fish (meat)”.
All of them are beautiful sashimi with sweet Umami and no smell. The skin is too good to throw away. Keep the skin on the fillet. Run a hot water (80c – 90c) over the skin. Put the fillet in iced water to prevent further heating into the meat. And then slice thin to sashimi.
The head and bones will make a delicate fine soup.
The meat keeps the fine texture when cooked. It’s like a red snapper. You can cook anyway you want.


Binomial: Gymnocranius griseus
English: Grey Large-eye Bream
Japanese: Meichi Dai

Binomial: Gymnocranius euanus
English: Japanese Large-eye Bream
Japanese: Shiro Dai