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What other methods besides slow pitch jigging do you recommend?

Kabura, Inchiku, and Tenya are all popular games. They are all the modern renovation of Japanese traditional fishing techniques that are more than 200 years old. They are all popular games in the shallow waters, maybe up to 60 meters.

If you are at deeper waters, or targeting pelagic fish, Ebing is another recommendation.

>> Ebing: A little plastic lure for a big tuna game


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It’s called Tai-Kabura or Tai-Rubber. The modification of the traditional fishing technique has developed to this popular snapper game. “Tai” means Red Snapper. But it’s pretty effective for groupers as well.

Kabura is a shaped jig head with “skirts” and “ties” which swim with rather small hooks. Red Snappers peck and tease a lot sometimes before making the bite. Small double hooks on the assist cords are easy to be swallowed.

Basically we don’t make any actions. A slow steady retrieve from 0.5 to 2 turns per second. The skirts and ties flutter to attract fish. Changing the colors and the jig head shapes are considered important. You can try different speed, but making actions is said to be ineffective.


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Inchiku comes from the old traditional technique of Japanese fishermen, too. Very clever structure of the bullet shape jig head and octopus skirt, which looks really swimming on the simple retrieve.

It swims better in the diagonal alignment, not in the straight down vertical alignment.

It’s a pretty versatile jig. I works for fast swimming fish like kingfish and also for snappers and groupers.

You can do either steady retrieve, some change of pace and some rod actions. Like jigging, but no too wild actions.



This game is a very unique game. It’s a fall game.


Tenya is a jig head, typically, flat at the bottom. Very slow to fall, swinging and rocking to attract fish. The jig head comes in different shapes now, but the emphasize is in the fall.
You can use either shimp or plastic.

This game is typically done by a spinning tackle, with the lightest PE line possible, #0.6 or #0.8. Tenya jig head is supposed be small and light. It’s not heavy enough to fall on the overhead reel. And you should use the lightest tenya to touch the bottom. It’s supposed to fall slow and funny, and snappers love it that way.

Shimano TV is probably the best coverage.

The above video showed a conventional style, focusing on the falls only.

The below video is a new style which is gaining popularity. More aggressive with actions and falls.

Hope the information helps you! Good luck!