We had a report from Joel in Singapore.
Congratulations on your debut in slow pitch jigging!!! Way to go Joel!
I’m so happy for you after 2 months we have cooked up the plan. And I deeply admire your courage and passion to explore this game.

First I didn’t think it was possible…

Joel wrote;
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I usually fish on an anchored boat … and its either 80 – 200m deep …. or 30-50m deep?

Our boats are chartered fishing boats … and they captains are usually not up to date with the lastest fishing styles … they very much prefer the anchored boat to fish .

In this case we can only do mechanical jigging or high pitch .

Jigging from an anchored boat at 200m of water… OMG, we’ll be talking about the tug of war with the big ocean currents. Forget dancing with the jig.

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Yes I understand your confusion over the 200m anchor …. in this particular area. .. it is said to anchor at shallower area , then release more ropes to the drop off point 🙂

As this is a new area that we are visiting …. we have not much information too :).

So they anchor on top of the drop-off that leads down to 200m, then expend the anchor rope, let the current carry them down over the drop-off. Well, there’s got to be a lot of fish, but it’s still an anchored boat on the complex currents at the drop-off.

High Pitch might not even work, because not like hi-speed jigging, suspension after each pitch is the key factor of high pitch. The jig is supposed to swim on its own during the suspension, but instead, the current will blow away the line and pull up the swim of the jig, which makes the next pitch even harder.

But I was hoping that if we have enough weight, Messiah might bring him a few contacts as it works well in falling too. Also hoping that 300g Gawky may be heavy enough to fall against the pull up of the currents.

But honestly, with my limited experience on a spankered boat and on a sea-anchored boat, I didn’t think he had much chance…

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Hi Totos,

Am Happy to report that my trip to Padang Indonesia went really well …. though there was only a few species(other anglers as well) that was caught on the Seafloor control jigs (mostly on gawky) …. those were consistently the biggest on the fishng trip. …. Species caught were Red ruby snapper (biggest of he trip) and Big Eye Trevally ….. I didnt have luck with the dogtooth tuna lol.

The Red Rubies were caught near the bottom about 120-180m biggest estimated abt 9-10kgs …..Gawky used 220grams n 300grams and Ocea pe2 line and Seaguar fxr no.16 fluoro.

I didnt use the Messiah much bcos I wasnt a strong jigger, I was tired out after 10 rounds of jigging the 300, 350grams.

If it wasnt for your advice and assistance, I wouldnt be as sucessful … I was really happy with the Gawky and will definitely stock up more for my future trips 🙂

Please find attached for some pictures 🙂

Btw would your friends be interested in a used once Shimano Torsa 16 (mine)?

Thank you!








Joel will send me a photo of his Torsa 16 that he wants to sell. I’ll post it up for those interested.

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[fancy_link link=”http://anglers-secrets.com/v2020/shimano-torsa-16-for-sale-from-singapore/” variation=”teal”]Shimano Torsa 16 for sale[/fancy_link]