Here is Dan from Australia. (May 15)
Thank you very much for your valuable information!


Gidday Totos,

Here’s a pic from today out off the continental shelf in Northern NSW, Australia.
It was a very quiet day to play the game but we managed two fish.
Mine was an 18kg bar cod from 275m and my deckhand landed a 7kg cod
Both of todays fish were caught on my brand new deep jigging setup that you may be interested in:

The reel is an Accurate DFS Slammer BX400-XXN that has been custom tuned for jigging by Kane Tapper, the Accurate rep for Australia and NZ. From what I understand, the DFS Slammer range are custom modified Accurates. This modified reel has:

No cast control; no clicker; a taller and easier to hit drag lever that’s oversize and pushes into full setting without getting caught on the strike button; a stainless arm collar; high pressure oil seals on each side of the anti-reverse bearing and a faster 7.1:1 gear ratio with 1100mm per crank at the top of the spool.

The rod is from New Zealand, it’s a Synit Bay Action SPXH pe2-4 with spiral wrapped guides and is a great match for a 450g gawky at this depth using very slow lifts and 1/4 turn mechanical wind and stops for 15 metres from the bottom before the next short drop down. It was a very tough day because I had to work boat in a reverse direction, downward current on a 25 degree cross angle because of the choppy sea.
I was running PE 2.5 braid @ 40lb (sorry, can’t remember the brand name) and 100lb leader

One more thing, if any of your readers have Ocea Jigger 2000NR-HG’s that they need to service, I just replaced all the bearings and it was a pretty easy job to do by myself in around 45 minutes. I bought the bearings from an aftermarket bearing supplier instead of Shimano because it was a lot cheaper. If people want to do the job themselves and they can’t read Japanese, here are the bearing sizes and quantities that they need to find and order:

1 pcs 4x9x4mm
2 pcs 5x9x3mm
1 pcs 8x12x3.5mm
1 pcs 7x13x4mm
1 pcs 10x15x4mm
1 pcs 4x11x4mm

The only other thing people need is the 2000NRHG schematic diagram that they get with the reel or from the internet. After replacing the bearings, the reel is totally perfect again.
I hope you’re well and thanks for all the awesome slow pitch jigging info.