Deepliner is a pioneering slow-pitch jig makers, led by Captain Higashimura, a leading angler in Japan. The jigs they make has set the standards for slow pitch jigs and they are still the mainstay for most slow-pitch anglers.

Deepliner SPY


Spy is the first jig that Deepliner made and still is the unbeaten top of the line. It can be used in high-pitch and in slow-pitch. It’s slow in falling. It slides to the side for so long. You give it a pitch and you have to wait for a whole second, maybe 2 or 3, before you give another. It flies that long.
The main use of this jig is to hang around in the same depth with the horizontal movements.

Deepliner Slow Skip FB

deeplinerFBf deeplinerFBb
FB is a very quick, highly responsive jig. It moves light, and easily flies horizontally. It can be used in high-pitch and in slow-pitch. The main use of this jig is light happy movements, horizontal and upwards. For 4oz Slow Jerker, 130g to 180g is recommended.

Deepliner Slow Skip CX


CX is my favorite of all Deepliner jigs. It’s highly responsive. It reacts to even small inputs and flies on the side. It also performs nice irregular actions as well. The main use of this jig can be light flying motions and it can be soft small motions with occasional short falls and long falls. For 4oz Slow Jerker, 130g to 150g for light actions, 180g to 250g for soft actions.

Deepliner Slow Skip Vib


Vib is the latest hybrid jig for slow-pitch and long-fall. It has a small profile for the weight. It’s probably the most popular deepliner jig all over the country. It’s so effective for the bottom fish. I use it often when anything else has been worked out and the fish is not biting. The main use of this jig is soft small upward motions with short falls and long falls. For 4oz Slow Jerker, 180g to 250g is recommended.

Seafloor Control


With the devastating debut of the long-fall Gawky, Seafloor Control came spetacularly on the jigging scene in 2012. It’s led by a young leading jigger, Kazuhiro Hirota, who spent years under apprenticeship to Sato Sensei. They are the hottest jig maker that all the Japanese anglers are eyeing to.

Seafloor Control Gawky

sfcgawkyf sfcgawkyb

Without a question, it’s the best long-fall jig on the market. The fall action is slow, rocking, flashing, and waving. It does respond to small inputs but it doesn’t fly on the side. It kind of lies on the side as the rod springs back. It’s important to have it lie on the side before drop so that it starts falling with all kinds of performances. On uplift, make nice soft jerks with a lighter rod. Strong uplift would drive it too wild, unnatural. It doesn’t matter if it’s shallow or deep, in a weak current or strong. It works. For 4oz Slow Jerker, 180g to 260g is recommended.

Seafloor Control Rector


The hybrid all-rounder from high-pitch, slow-pitch, and long-fall. It works in any style really. The pointy head promises high responses. And the spoon edged tail creates all kinds of falling actions. This jig really inspires the anglers creativity. With all the change of pace and fallings, you can intentionally target big ones. The successful pattern we find around here in Okinawa waters is slow combination jerks with small uplifts with small and long falls. For 4oz Slow Jerker, 180g to 270g is recommended.

More jig introduction will come up soon!!!

Hope the information helps you! Good luck!