This is it!!!

My search for the best fish scaler is over.

Designed by a Japanese chef, this all stainless kitchenware enables you to scale the fish so easily and fast without messing your kitchen. Oh, yes. this is the best!


Ginrin Fish Scaler Professional

Sale. JPY2692

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This is shaped like a cup with a sharp edge and jaggy edges on both sides. This edge scoops up the scales while other fish scalers scratch them off. When I was searching, I was even looking at the electric fish scaler. Even that only scratches off the scales and it does make mess in the kitchen.


For normal fish, you use the round edge on the body with pushing action. The round edge just scoops up the scales and it does it so gently that all the scales only remain sitting on the cup without flying all over the place. And for the bottom areas of all the fins, you use the jaggy side in the pulling action. It’s so easy.


And no other fish scales can do the job as amazingly as this does on the bottom fish with slimy body with tiny scales. This type of fish, like groupers and flounders, are so hard to scale with other scratching type of scalers.
You can use the jaggy edge side in a circling action. It’s sooooo easy! You’ve gotta love it!

This is a demonstration on a snapper. Hard scales. This demonstration is done by the old model of Ginrin Profiessional. But the idea is the same. And it really does work like this!!!

This is a demonstration on a flounder. The jaggy edge circling action.

I’m so happy that I’ve found this. Scaling is now such a pleasure. I need some fish to scale!

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