We have a report from Juzz in Malaysia.


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Hi Totos,
I am very glad received your reply.

Yup I agree with you, It was a tough jigging for a beginner with poor set up of slow pitch. I was jigging in the ship with sea anchored. The current at that time not that strong. And usually we are fishing in shallow in between 40-60 meter depth. Thats why I am only using jig lure between 80-120gm. On my first attempt I did the slow pitch, slow punchy pitch and occasionally with long fall jerk but fail to get any contact. On 2nd attempt, after the jig landed on the bottom I did 3 spin fast retrieves and followed by a long fall jerk, the moment I doung the next slow pitch jerk, I realize something caught on my hook. Like you said it a very typical presentation. Here I attached the photo of me and the fish that I caught with slow pitch jigging technique.




Good catch, Juzz! Yes, 3 fast lifts and the following falls. A lot of fish find it irresistible! But I can see you trying different actions purposefully. That is very good to see. Let’s see how you’ll do with Slow Jerker 603-3 you just got. Keep exploring!