Here is Luke in Australia.  He is pounding heavy on the aussie fish grounds!

Was lucky enough to go up to a place called stanage bay up in Queensland for a fishing holiday and spent most of the time slow pitch jigging or jigging with inchiku jigs. These are just some of the fish I caught but there were many others , some were bigger and were released and photographed on another phone and others are just memories but I didn’t have to use bait at all when I was up there and usually outfished the other people who were using bait.

Since then I have done more fishing with slow pitch jigs and experimented with inchiku jigs as my rod is not quite suitable for some lighter jigs and haven’t had the money to buy another lighter slow pitch jigging setup and would not be sure weather the lighter rod would still have enough power to pull in some of the big fish that I occasionally come across.

I have also been experimenting with micro jigging and it is great to but no one in my area does any jigging apart from high speed.  I am thinking about getting a micro jigging rod but don’t really know what one.  Thinking to match with a 3000 or 3500 certate.  As I am the only person who does various styles of jigging in my area I have had many people ask me for advice about slow pitch and other styles of jigging and one is looking at getting a setup for slow pitch similar to mine.  I had a look at your site and the rods recommended and was wondering if any new rods or reels have come out that would be good for slow pitch.

Thanks totos

What a great job!  I’m so glad that you have continued to explore fishing at such excellence.

Regarding some questions in your report,

When you choose a slow pitch rod, we don’t care about the target size.  In our point-down fighting style, we don’t lift with rod anyway.  And even with a little heavier rod, it’s still a slow pitch rod and it’s not really made for lighting the fish.  We think that the rod is good enough if it parries sudden impacts because the reel will do the job with the drag against the runs.  We primarily concern the jig weight and the action tone in choosing the rod model.  If you are concerned with the target size, I would get a bigger better reel to match with that light rod.

There are so many slow pitch rods in the market now.  I can’t catch up.  The cheapest way is to find something you can get locally.  So ask me when you see something.  But don’t expect me to evaluate what’s not available in Japan.  It should be hard when you don’t have many reviews by slow pitch jiggers you know.  Maybe you should become a field tester of a rod maker or get a sponsorship!

For micro jigging, 3000 Certate will be sufficient.  I bet the field is shallow?  Around 30m?  Any light jigging or eging rod will do.  But if you are getting one for this game, how about Abu Garcia Light Jigging SXLS632-120-KR?  It’s very popular here.  A very versatile rod with sensitive guide setting and tubular top.