Here is a fantastic catch by Phil in Perth, Australia.

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Hi Totos
Here is a photo of my 18.2kg Dhu fish caught on a Poseidon 603-3 with a Ocea jigger 1500HG, Sunline PE 2 35lb and 30lb Ocea fluorocarbon leader and a 120g Current jig.

I was fishing in 50m of water off Perth. The jig never hit the bottom as the fish was waiting for the jig with its mouth open. The Dhu fish hit the jig and game on. The rod and reel were perfect and lifted the fish with ease as if it was a 15kg bottom bouncing rod. Trust me I put the rod through a reel workout as we were fishing near lobster pots and I was worried about loosing the fish on the ropes from the pots.
Thanks to Sato and Totos of Anglers Secret for revealing their knowledge for slow pitch jigging.



I’ve never seen this fish but a lot of my Australian anglers have told me about this exciting game. They are great fighters and they always dive to the bottom, right? Very hard to stop. Especially with an enormous 18kg fish like this. Should be a very powerful and technical game.

I am very much seduced to give a shot at it! Outstanding catch!