I purchased a GoPro 3. This is such a fun toy. I finally got a chance to bring it to fishing.


But it was raining.
Well, what the heck. I wouldn’t mind as long as I can go out on the water and GoPro is in the pretty underwater housing.

We are now in the summer tide. Amberjacks will be moving to the deep pretty soon. They say this lunar phase will be the last chance of the season for big amberjacks. And today we are going off to 200m depth. I was determined.


But from the begging, we are hitting mackerel schools everywhere we go. They bite on anything. They take jigs before we drop down under the school, where the big ones are. Jeez!! Well, sure, I actually like eating mackerels. But just a couple of them would be enough. Everyone is getting mackerels all over the boat.
When we miss mackerels, then Bonitos attacked us. Well, sure, I like eating Bonitos. But Bonito is very fast to go bad, and sashimi is probably the one way to enjoy it. So just 1 fish is fine. No more.

To avoid their attacks, I used bigger jigs with high pitch jigging. But it didn’t seem to work. I saw many anglers on the boat are doing high pitch and none is getting contacts today. So I decided to be different than others. I did a lot of soft slow pitch, and tried to stay under the school.

And YES!!! I got a 8kg Amberjack!

Rector 240g did the job again.

I also learned a lot from watching the video of my own fishing. There’s a lot to improve. I will bring this little camera to my fishing trips. Thank you Daniel for your advise to get this camera. I’m glad I got it.