I went out on Tengu last Wednesday.

There have been talks all around the island that we are coming into the premiere season for AJ jigging. It’s their spawning seasons and the big grown-ups come near the shore. They carry some nice fats.

I missed my last couple of trips due to the bad weather. I’ve been craving for this. I have released some of my stress in squid fishing, but it’s nothing compared to slow pitch jigging.

s-2015-04-22 07.53.24

Off we go! To Kerama islands.

We got to the first point around 8:30am. 140m deep. It was right between high tide and low tide. I wanted to secure some catch to bring back home in the morning so that I can try some different things for the rest of the day.

s-2015-04-22 07.53.54

Rector 230g Secret Model.

My pilot jig.


And it always gets the job done.

Rod. Evergreen Poseidon Slow Jerker 603-6
Reel.  Ocea Jigger 2000NR-HG
Line. Berkley Supre Fireline Colored PE1.5
Leader.  Seaguar FXR Fluoro #10
Jig. Seafloor Control Rector 230g Secret Model
Depth. 140m deep

s-2015-04-22 08.19.13

Added one more Almaco Jack with the same tackle.
Almaco Jack is actually more common than Amberjack around this island.

The current was not running much, but the captain was picking up small concentrations one by one. Run and shoot operation. You want to be always ready when the captain gives it a go.

After a couple of more drifts, the captain moved deeper. I quickly changed to high pitch tackle.

s-2015-04-22 09.20.13

Rod.  Evergreen Poseidon High Pitch Jerker 600
Reel.  Studio Ocean Mark L120Hi
Line.  Berkley Supre Fireline Colored PE2.5
Leader.  Seaguar FXR Fluoro #12
Jig.  Seafloor Control Messiah 260g
Depth.  170m deep

High Pitch Jerker 600 is like between high pitch and slow pitch. Incorporated with Messiah 260g in 170m of water, it’s not really strong action tone, almost medium. I had the tail hooks on and I did light high pitch strokes with 50% power. Messiah was swimming on its own after my stroke, and I saw the line was not going down. This one WAS an amberjack.

So the morning rush was over.

I wanted try my new jig today.

s-2015-04-22 09.56.55

Meet Abyss 260g.

This Seafloor Control new jig was developed originally for falling tactics at 200m and deeper water.

My impression is that it feels close to Cranky on uplift. The uplift doesn’t feel as light as Spunky and Rector, and it doesn’t feel heavy like Gawky. Feels “sticky”. At the top of your jerk, Abyss feels quick to be released off the tension while Cranky feels like it just hangs there.
And Abyss falling actions are very interesting. If you give it free fall, it falls on its side flushing and sometimes into tailspin. If you give it a little tension on the fall, it falls quickly tail first, diagonally slushing down through the water. We call this “send in the jig” in comparison with free fall.

The action I found very pleasant with this jig was, soft small uplifts with a soft action setting, combined with medium free falls, plus occasional long tensioned fall, “send in the jig”.

It’s very fast to fall. So, for those of you who find it hard to stay vertical and find yourself in a lot of water resistance, this can be a very powerful tool. Arc, the new semi-long jig, can be used in the same way. It’s got the bigger profile, easier to be spotted. It can be better or not, depending on the fish moods.

I love this jig! I’m actually not really good at Cranky, to be honest. I can’t imagine Cranky attracts bites on the fall. Abyss is similar but I find it very easy to imagine its movements.

Here’s my first memorial fish with Abyss.
Crimson jobfish, Pristipomoides filamentosus

s-2015-04-22 10.02.11

Rod.  Evergreen Poseidon Slow Jerker 603-4
Reel.  Jigger LD2000II
Line.  Berkley Supre Fireline Colored PE1.5
Leader.  Seaguar FXR Fluoro #10
Jig.  Seafloor Control Abyss 260g
Depth.  150m deep

The contact came on the fall. But you can see it was hooked on the head.
I was doing free fall after a slow long uplift. I think the fish made the bite right after the uplift when the jig is moving head first, just about to start falling.

Here’s another catch with the same setting.
Mackerel Tuna, Euthynnus affinis

s-2015-04-22 14.00.20

The fish made the bite close to the bottom. 1-2-3 quick lifts off the bottom, 1 slow pitch, 2 slow pitch, 3 slow pitch and free fall… Boom.

Yes, I clearly have my confidence on its falling actions.

I tried it on Slow Jerker 603-6 too. But it just didn’t feel right that time. Maybe I should change the hook settings and try again. Maybe it works in stronger currents.
But generally, I think Abyss fits in soft action tone. 603-4 is a good match with 260g.

Looking forward to playing some more with this jig!!!

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