Basically you need an overhead reel that retrieves about 75cm per crank or more at the depth where you are fishing. Say, you have the reel with 85cm max retrieve per crank. That is the speed when line is fully loaded. When you let out 100m of line, the speed may be down to 75cm per crank.
Plus, you would like the handle arm to be long as 85cm.

Slow pitch jigging utilizes 1 turn pitch, as well as 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 turn pitch. It depends on the depth of your field but at least 80cm max retrieve length, if possible 90cm or more. You can always make your pitch smaller, but you can’t make the pitch bigger than 1 turn.

When we give a pitch, we normally accelerate the reel turn. It’s easier with a longer handle, longer than 80mm. Long handle also creates more power to help you with the heavy jig, the deep water, and fighting with a big fish.

Ocea Jigger by Shimano

Shimano Ocea Jigger

#1 popular reel for slow pitch jiggers. It’s got the speed and the power, fine balanced to perfection with Shimano’s X-Ship technology. Also, it’s got silky smooth drag.

1500PG is a bit too short of the speed. 1500HG is better for slow pitch jigging. It’s perfect for light games. But the handle length of 70cm is just too short for jigging. You would want to change it to longer handle.
2000NR-PG seems to have enough speed. But 2000 series have narrow spool, which means it loses its speed quickly when you go deep. The most popular model is 2000NR-HG. The speed is outstanding and it’s also got enough power to help you jigging in the deep. The reeling is light and powerful instead of the gear ratio of 6.2.

ModelGear RatioMax SpeedHandle LengthMax Drag

Shimano is releasing Ocea Jigger Limited in 2014. The key feature is the reverse drag. It loosens when you turn it forward and tightens when you turn it backward. In slow pitch game, we set the drag as tight as possible. And when we can’t stop, we set it free to let the fish swim to prevent the line from friction to the bottom edge. Shimano figured you can loosen the drag faster when you turn it forward. Also, 1500 series have longer handle of 85mm finally. 1500 series have round knob, and 3000 series have t-bar handle as in the photo.

Apparently, Shimano is finally changing its direction more toward slow pitch jigging. This is their test marketing for the future models.

Blue Heaven L50 by Studio Ocean Mark


For some, this is the best jigging reel on the market. SOM have really refined this little monster reel. The speed, the power and the controllability meet all the needs that slow pitch jiggers would look for.

In 2013, they released the special model for slow pitch jigging, L50Hi S2T (picture below). In spite of the high pricing, JPY135,000, it was sold out right away. Along with better reeling power and the stronger body, they refined its sensitivity to perfection with high carbon materials.


Following the success of the slow pitch model, as of April 2014, it is speculated that they are remodeling the current model for better drag system and sensitivity and it’s to be released sometime after June 2014.

ModelGear RatioMax SpeedHandle LengthMax Drag

Hope the information helps you! Good luck!