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Shabu Shabu is a form of Nabe cooking. You have a hot pot going in the center of the table. Put a thin sliced beef or pork in a hot water, det it swim in a couple of strokes, dip it in Ponzu to eat.
Don’t let the meat soak for a long time. Doing rare is the key. The meat needs to be sliced really thin so that they slice while it’s frozen. It’s really thin, no inside or outside, so that it’s not really rare done. But you don’t really cook either. The red turns to pinkish white and that’s it. Just a few seconds. Just wash off excess fat.

It’s usually the meat, but you can do it with fish sashimi. I often do it when I have lots of sashimi for a change of taste.

Shabu Shabu Sashimi

This is Amberjack sashimi.


Get Nabe ready. A pot with water and some Konbu. Spend 15 minutes to bring it to boil slowly with low to medium heat. Take out konbu before boiling and keep it hot. If you boil konbu, you get sticky, edgy flavor which you don’t want.


While you get Nabe ready, you can enjoy sashimi!


When Nabe is ready, let sashimi swim in it. Maybe 5 to 10 seconds. It’s not sliced so thin as shabu shabu meat, so takes a little more. But it’s sashimi quality anyway, have it whatever way you like. Just don’t overdo.


Dip it into Ponzu, soy sauce with citrus flavor. Yummmm…

I think this is a simple way to start enjoying Japanese cooking with your catch. All you need to do is to make Ponzu and get Nabe ready. Ponzu is really a good refreshing sauce. It can be applied to anything. Mix some sashimi in salad and Ponzu for dressing. When you make Ponzu, make some extra for later use.