Here is another report from Kevin in New Zealand.
Looks like he’s on the roll!


Tackle Info
[highlight1 variation=”orange”]Rod[/highlight1] Synit X-Jig H slow pitch rod – NZ made ( )
[highlight1 variation=”orange”]Reel[/highlight1] Shimano Jigger LD
[highlight1 variation=”orange”]Jigs[/highlight1] Seafloor Control Jigs range from 160 – 300g


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Hi Totos

Another report from me, photos attached.

m-fishfinderThis time we went out from Whangaroa (New Zealand North Island ). Sun was over shadowed with dark clouds and a bit of rain but the water condition was great, a school of King fish was around the area we hooked up a hand full of under size unfortunately. In New Zealand King fish minimum size are 75cm to be legal to take. Luckly the day don’t end here.
Since the king is too small I switch over to targeting other species by working the jig only above 10 meters from the bottom. (Only 45 meters water deep) HIT! Fish on after a couple of slow and high pitch jiging with the rector it feels like another small King. It fight like 1 anyway but in my surprise it was a 48cm, 2.5kg Snapper.

I thought there must be more Snappers on the bottom so I keep working the jig within 10 meters of water, another surprise a Hapuka…!!!! in 45 meters of water they normally at deeper waters over 150 meters. It’s small only 2.2kg but I will take it 😀 Good for the dinner table. (They can go up to 100kg and highly rated eating fish )

m-GranddaddyGrand Daddy Hapuka:
They are from the scorpion fish family, good eating and as expensive as cray fish. We catch them all the time with Shimano squid slow jigs but never got 1 with slow pitch jigging 🙂
Another proof that slow jigging works with arrange of species.


My day end up with half full bin of fish 😀 (Snapper, Hapuka and Grand Dady Hapuka was caught with slow jig method) and the rest with baits.


Check out the type of fish we catch in New Zealand – click on “fish guide” button will bring up the list.

Thanks Totos your video tutorial it helps alot.



Great catch, Kevin. It’s so nice to see you enjoying all the tactics of slow pitch jigging. All the fish looks very delicious!