Here is Captain David again from Panama.
He tried out the new Seafloor Control jig “ARC”.

Looks like he just opened a new door in Panama.
What an instinct by the experienced angler!

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Hi Totos.

I decided to take one of the new jigs you sent to Panama to try it out. I used the 504 and did some big lifts and drops and to my surprise I hooked into a very very nice Rouge Snapper in 300 feet where we normally only get Grouper and Queen Snapper.

I used the same style for an hour and we got 5 more to fill the bag for the day. We had a 40 pound Yellowfin already on board.

Needless to say I would like some more of those Jigs as those snapper are very good to eat and no one not even the locals ever catch them.


Wow, that does look like a very good fish. Rouge Snapper. Gosh, I wish I could take a piece to taste…

I see a very interesting tactic here.

Captain David used Arc (260g?) on High Pitch Jerker 504 at 90m deep.

Sometimes we use High Pitch Jerker to do slow pitch in very deep water, but not around 100m. But he apparently used it for slow pitch. The fish took the jig in the tail, which means it made the bite in the fall. Plus, it’s very hard to use Arc with tail hooks in strong action tone (high pitch setting) because Arc tends to dive down head down and the tail hooks easily catch the leader to get tangled.
So he was doing slow pitch, long lift and long fall.

To do that, around 100m, I would choose Slow Jerker 603-3 or 603-4. (And I know he has it.) Because they are more flexible and longer, and enable you to lift the jig long and slowly. It will make the change of pace, incorporated with fast free fall that follows.

But David selected High Pitch Jerker 504 and the fish reacted. Maybe the fish liked fast lift fast fall, more energetic movements. Or maybe under the ocean condition he was in, it was hard to stay vertical and he needed the rod power against the current and move the jig…

Anyway, his instinct found the tactic that works under the condition.



Arc is a semi-long jig. It was invented in the pioneering effort to target deep sea from 200m. The projected main target was Rosy Seabass, Doederleinia berycoides. One of the most expensive 5 star fish in Japan. (Too bad they are not around in our Okinawa waters…)

th_rosy seabass

This fish is extra cautious. The jig was designed not to make surprising movements. Controllable by the anglers. Designed for falling actions. (The fish don’t react to lifting actions.) The jig needed to dive fast into the deep and the currents. That’s how Arc was invented.

I’m very happy to see that it opened a new game there. So cool.