Amberjack is getting ready for their spawning season. They are getting fatter and fatter and tastier and tastier. Anticipating is high and I headed out to the wilderness of northern part of the island.


The first catch of the day was a little over 3kg amberjack with Abyss 290g. Abyss is available in 200g, 230g, and 260g only. I’ve been waiting for 290g to come. This 290g is still on the test base. But it sure felt good.
I didn’t want to lose this yet, so with this catch, I put this jig back in my tackle box.


Right after that, I got a bigger one!

A 5kg fish. And this is the kind of size for amberjack I love the most. I think 5kg to 8kg is the most tastiest. So happy to have this one.


A highschool girl is fighting her first amberjack.
She practiced how to play slow pitch jigging at home with her father the night before.


And a win! Good for her! Along with her younger brother with his catch.


Right away her father teaches her how to close ike-jime.


I added one more amberjack with Arc 260g.

Here is the video.

I had a great fun for the day.


My friend has just opened a Italian restaurant and I promised to bring him a fish as my gift. This is good enough for the day!


Sharp looking sashimi out of that 5kg amberjack.
The fat was on!
I had to wipe my knife off fat so many times as I sliced these sashimi.


We wanted to have lunch, but a couple of fierce-looking, uninvited guests are occupying our table…


This is the next day of the catch. Before aging. The texture is firm and fresh.
But not much Umami has arrived yet. We had Nabe (hot pot cooking) going with chicken and vegetables. We started dipping sashimi in Nabe for rare done. Shabu Shabu was so great.


And my gift has been sent.


This is what the chef has done with my gift. Sooooo great!

Life is good!

Gratitudes to the ocean.